Higher Colleges of Technology signs with RSI Concepts

The Higher Colleges of Technology is dedicated to the delivery of technical and professional programs of the highest quality to the students, within the context of sincere respect for diverse beliefs and values. Al Ain Women’s college, which is a part of the large HCT network, experiences a large amount of people visiting their admissions department for different purposes. The management realized the growing inflow of people and their allotment to dedicated services.

As a result – a requirement of a Queue Management System was felt which was conveyed to the vendors through a tender. Vendors from all across the region participated and different rounds of evaluation took place. RSI Queuing System (Queue System from RSI Concepts) was chosen as the right solution for the requirement due to its high end characteristics. A Full fledge solution was provided including two touch screen Ticket dispensing units, wireless counter display units, multiple main display units and state of the art sound system for customer announcement.

RSI Queue, the customer flow management system, was also successfully integrated to an in house students’ information system with a highly effective software solution.

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