RSI Concepts offers Mobile CCTV system for vehicle surveillance

After establishing itself as a reliable CCTV solution provider, RSI Concepts is now offering mobile CCTV solutions for vehicles allowing remote access to on route vehicles from the comfort of one’s office. A mobile CCTV system combines the use of 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi to provide a state of the art vehicle monitoring system which simultaneously records, plays back and sends real-time information back to the control room. Such information helps managers to keep track of company assets and staff behavior of driving personnel.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows synchronized backup to the main server as soon as the vehicles identify and connect to their native network once they are back to the station.  The system is also integrated with Google Maps which identifies the exact location of the vehicle at any given point of time.

Mobile CCTV system is an ideal solution for schools, delivery vans, public transports, trams, metros, courier fleets, logistics companies, ferries and ship liners. It helps to monitor errant driving behavior, improve passenger safety, allows fair incident investigation, and prevents misuse of company fuel and assets.

Speaking on the launch of mobile CCTV solutions, Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Technical Manager of RSI Concepts said:

 “RSI Concepts has always provided solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity of a company’s day to day business activities. I would recommend every company who are managing a fleet of vehicles to take a step ahead and install mobile CCTV solutions. Few incidents in the recent past have raised eye brows over the safety & security of children on school buses. Furthermore, complications in case of disputes in solving accidents result in lengthy insurance and court related procedures. Such a system in place will leave behind all such hurdles including misuse of company fuel and vehicle abuse.”

RSI Concepts is eager to provide solutions that can help organizations achieve high standards in safety and security and also improve their services and asset management.

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RSI Concepts offers Mobile CCTV system for vehicle surveillance
After establishing itself as a reliable CCTV solution provider, RSI Concepts is now offering mobile CCTV solutions for vehicles.

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