How to Design a Landing Page for Online Marketing Campaign – Basics

Three Ways To Use Landing Page Design To Propel Online Marketing Campaigns

You may be a business, marketing agency, web studio or an individual embarking on an online marketing campaign to promote your products or services. Wise move. Have you given thoughts to the design of your landing page? Do you know that your landing page design can have a significant impact on your online marketing campaigns? (Email Marketing or Paid Ads or Search Engine Optimization)

The landing page is the page on your website which is first viewed by the customer. The landing page is the first communication which happens between you and your client. Given that the objective of launching online marketing campaigns is to market your organization or brand, it is essential to pay a lot of attention to the web design of the landing page. A very usable and user friendly landing page design will gather more viewers and lead to more conversion.

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A user friendly landing page design will gather more viewers

How to Use Landing Page Design to Propel Online Marketing Campaigns

Here are three ways on how you can use landing page design to catapult the efficacy of your online marketing campaigns:

Communicate Clearly and be Engaging

Your landing page must engage the potential client who lands on your website. It should communicate the essentials of your brand, product, or service with clarity and simplicity. Visual appeal should also be incorporated in the design of a landing page. The landing page design should be an optimal confluence of words and visuals so as to capture the attention of the online audience who lands on your website.

Landing page should communicate the essentials of your brand

The Landing Page Design should be an Optimal Confluence of Words and Visuals

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Emphasize on the Legitimacy

A web user who visits your website should feel unthreatened and secure. For the same, your landing page should place a lot of emphasis on all the safety features which have been enabled on your website. Also displaying your registered address and other contact details can prove your legitimacy and plays a major role in making a user feel safe about going through your website and buying (in case of an eCommerce website).  Showcase all the privacy policies your organization has as these add to the veracity of your website in the minds of your user.

The Landing Page should have a legitimate and trustworthy look and feel

Displaying your registered address and other contact details can prove your legitimacy

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Prominent Call for Action

A user, who lands on your website as a result of your online marketing campaigns, is visiting expecting certain services. Hence it is necessary that you place your call for actions prominently on your landing page. The Call for Actions should be brief and clear. They should help a user decide and take action. The Call for Action buttons should be easily accessible on your landing page. Don’t forget AB testings.

AB testing for landing page design can lead to optimum results

To Ensure the Best ROI always Try Multiple Landing Page Designs

If a lot of thought is given to the design of the landing page of your website, it will in turn lead to a better usability and conversion of your online marketing campaigns. So pay heed to the landing page design, and reap the benefits!

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Are you designing a landing page? You have more thoughts to share? We would love to hear from you!

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How to Design a Landing Page for Online Marketing Campaign - Basics
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How to Design a Landing Page for Online Marketing Campaign - Basics
Understand how you can use landing page designs to give an additional boost to your online marketing campaigns.

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