Cars Taxi Group Acquires RSI Queuing Systems

Cars Taxi Group Dubai LogoCars Taxi is a premier taxi player in Dubai with a vast clientele. Many tourists and visitors to UAE, Dubai, and GCC book their services and wait to have a taxi allocated. The need for a technically superior queue management system became imminent for Cars Taxi and they approached RSI Concepts for the design of one such optimally suited queuing system.

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The Cars Taxi Group is a well reputed and popular taxi services company operating under the franchisee mode since the year 2000. Being a franchisee of the Roads and Transports Authority, Cars Taxi is the second largest fleet operator of taxis in Dubai. Cars Taxi operates in Dubai, Emirates and GCC. Armed with ISO 9001:2008, the International Quality Certification by TUV NORD, Cars Taxi is much sought by all travelers to Dubai, Other Emirates, and GCC. Safety, security, commitment to delivery, and comfort are some of the bedrocks of the services rendered by Cars Taxi.

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In order to optimize service and living up to the tall standards of delivery Cars Taxi installed RSI Queuing systems. Why RSI Queue Management systems? Because RSI QMS is a combined package of queue machines, interactive kiosks, and queuing system software. The interface is very customer friendly and easily navigable. Being a very interactive and intuitive queue management system, RSI queuing systems help the clients of Cars Taxi to get their service in the best possible time.

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After the acquisition of RSI queuing systems, Cars Taxi has been streamlining and improving their service delivery to reduce the customer waiting time. Being built on the most customer friendly technologies, the queue management system has been able to seamlessly get integrated with the staff and current framework of Cars Taxi.

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On the completion of the installation of RSI queuing systems for Cars Taxi, Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager at RSI Concepts quoted,

“Cars Taxi has been a very big milestone for us. The fact that we have been able to create and customize a queue management system for an organization of the size and repute of Cars Taxi, boosts up our self-confidence and beliefs. We are committed to personalizing and developing the best queue management systems for all our clients and this project will serve as a showcase of our technical capabilities. Our track recorded has also got a thrust. We hope to continue to serve our clientele by providing queue management systems which are user friendly and which are built on robust technology platforms.”

RSI Queuing Systems have started assisting Cars Taxi in the smooth running of their operations and enhance their brand image across the globe.

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Cars Taxi Group Acquires RSI Queuing Systems - Queue Management System
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Cars Taxi Group Acquires RSI Queuing Systems - Queue Management System
The RSI's Queuing System is a hit with clients, our clients are using it for effective customer flow and queue management.

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