Portal International – Dubai Installs RSI CCTV Surveillance System

RSI Concepts LogoRSI CCTV Surveillance systems are very popular in Dubai – UAE and are a much sought after CCTV security surveillance by manufacturing and production organizations in Dubai, to safeguard their operations and enhance their security. Portal International is a renowned steel fabrication facility in the Dubai Investment Park. A name associated with strong and powerful steel fabrication work, Portal International has operations happening within the facility all around the clock.  With functioning happening continuously, the management of Portal International wanted to leverage technology to keep track of operations and secure the facility. RSI Concepts had the opportunity to work with Portal International and fulfill their cctv surveillance requirements.

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For Portal International, RSI Concepts installed two indoor and seven outdoor cameras around the facility. These cameras are a part of RSI Concept’s cutting edge CCTV surveillance systems. See the Features of CCTV Surveillance Systems. They are weather proof and can withstand inclement weather conditions without compromising on the surveillance quality. Further the cameras function optimally both during the day as well as during the night time.

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Portal International has commissioned this CCTV security surveillance to monitor all their operations as well as track every movement in the production area. RSI CCTV Surveillance systems, with the state-of-the-art CCTV cameras ensure that every movement is tracked. Furthermore, the CCTV security surveillance system enables all managers to have internet access and monitor the site using smartphones and tabs. Such remote access monitoring also provides Portal International with the swiftness and agility which helps them grow as a reliable organization.

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On the successful completion of the project, Muhammad Iqbal, the Project Manager at RSI Concepts said,

“By developing and delivering a CCTV surveillance system for Portal International, we have been able to fortify our reputation. The challenges which we overcame to design CCTV surveillance systems for Portal International have provided us with great expertise and insights. This learning is invaluable and adds to our knowledge repository. Our track record as a dependable provider of cutting edge CCTV security surveillance system has now been enriched. It also gives us the wherewithal and confidence to customize CCTV Surveillance systems for clients across any business domain or vertical. ”

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Portal International is now completely secure and has the ability to track every movement in their production areas. This compounds their profits and increases their confidence to render service to their clients. Clients of Portal International now have more trust in their ability to deliver services of unmatched quality because they know that the CCTV surveillance systems will add to the security. Check out our complete CCTV Portfolio.

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Portal International - Dubai Installs RSI CCTV Surveillance System
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Portal International - Dubai Installs RSI CCTV Surveillance System
RSI CCTV Surveillance Systems have been installed at the Portal International Dubai to beef up their security.

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