Zargar Carpets Trading Installs CCTV Surveillance Systems Designed By RSI Concepts

Why you need Security Cameras? | RSI ConceptsZargar Carpets Trading is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of carpets in United Arab Emirates. Zargar Carpets Trading is well established and a reputed supplier for many customers across MENA, Central Asia, and Europe. Given this volumes of business, and customers across the globe, Zargar Carpets Trading approached RSI Concepts for the installation of CCTV Surveillance Systems for their security purposes.

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Being one of the pioneers in designing and providing CCTV services in Dubai, RSI Concepts has established a reputation for being a forerunner in adopting the latest technology for providing state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance systems. All the CCTV security systems created and delivered by RSI Concepts blend the latest technology innovations with the inherent needs of the customer. Security and monitoring are made both appropriate and hassle-free.

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As with other clients, RSI Concepts first evaluated the security and surveillance requirements of Zargar Carpets Trading. After a complete analysis of the needs, RSI Concepts suggested, designed, and deployed a CCTV Surveillance System consisting of a total of 10 outdoor and 3 indoor CCTV cameras. The cameras are weather proof and hence can withstand challenging climatic conditions. Further, being day/night cameras, these CCTV surveillance systems provide security coverage all around the clock, all through the year.

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RSI Concepts installed CCTV surveillance systems for Zargar Carpets Trading in a huge warehouse and an office facility in the Sharjah Industrial Area.  This CCTV security surveillance also includes and monitors five other branches of Zargar Carpets Trading in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.  This CCTV Surveillance System has been designed so that all the branches are centrally monitored over internet.

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The cameras set-up at Zargar Carpets Trading has been built to function in a particularly optimized fashion which enables a very wide coverage area. Automatic zooming and moving of strategic area covered are intrinsic of these CCTV surveillance systems. The CCTV security systems at the warehouse and other offices accurately monitor all that happens within the premises. They also safeguard the precincts of the office and the warehouse from any security threat. The CCTV cameras track all movements and provide an increased protection of the in-site equipment and man power. Furthermore, a centrally connected system facilitates decision making and shielding against unwanted incidents.

Muhammad Iqbal, Project Manager, RSI Concepts said,

“Installing CCTV surveillance systems for Zargar Carpets Trading helped our team immensely. We gained a lot of knowledge and were able to test our technical skills as well. This learning experience will serve as a good platform for our future projects. We are very happy that Zargar Carpets Trading has chosen to work with us.”

With RSI Concept’s CCTV surveillance systems, Zargar Carpets Trading has increased their security manifold. The latest technology CCTV cameras provide continuous monitoring and hence protection against all kind of security threats and breaches.

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Zargar Carpets Trading Installs CCTV Surveillance Systems Designed By RSI Concepts
Article Name
Zargar Carpets Trading Installs CCTV Surveillance Systems Designed By RSI Concepts
Zargar Carpets Trading acquire RSI Concepts CCTV Surveillance Systems to secure their premises.

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