Google’s Mobile Friendly Update: Are You Affected Yet?

What do We Mean by Our Title?

From 21st April 2015, Google will be incorporating mobile friendliness as a parameter in its ranking algorithm and this is being termed as Google mobile friendly update. This simply indicates that if a website is mobile friendly, its rankings are likely to get a boost. On the contrary if a website is not mobile friendly, then its current ranking are bound to drop.  In a nutshell responsive sites or websites with a separate mobile site will be rewarded while non-responsive sites will see a downward plunge. An alarming situation for search engine optimizing agencies who are working on non-responsive websites.

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Google Mobile Friendly Update - Official Announcement

Good News for Mobile Friendly or Responsive Websites

Why is Google Doing This?

Google Inc has always categorically pushed for the value which a user gains out of a website. This has been the bedrock of their ranking algorithm. Given that 30% of the organic traffic is through mobiles, Google has started acknowledging the trend of mobiles driving more traffic to the internet in the upcoming days. Furthermore, being a search engine, Google wants its users to be able to search for the necessary information with ease.

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For example if someone searches for information through their mobile, and is unable to find the information on a particular top ranked website simply because it is not mobile friendly. This means that the user is having a bad experience, which Google does not appreciate. Hence this move of Google mobile friendly update is a step towards enhancing the user experience.

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Google Mobile Friendly Update will affect search results in all languages globally, but only for mobile rankings!

How will it affect your site?

Is your site responsive? Do you have a separate mobile site? Does your site load quickly on mobile device? Can information be easily sought from your website, when accessing through a mobile phone? If your answers to all these questions are a “yes”, rest easy. Then your answer to the questions “Is my site mobile friendly” is a yes! If even one of the answers to the above questions is a “no”, then well you have to rethink now. Your Google ranking is bound to become lower than it currently is.

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Google Mobile Friendly Update Will Affect Rankings

Will Google Mobile Friendly Update affect overall ranking?

If your website is not mobile friendly, you should mentally be prepared for a steep drop in search engine rankings as what Google does, other search engines do follow suit! Furthermore, your site may just end up being a merely existing website without any internet presence. This means you have to bid adieu to digital marketing and hopes of having a great traffic, as people are unlikely to find your site at all!

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Is my Site Mobile Friendly

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Is my Site Mobile Friendly? Test Here

Use this tool to check if your website is mobile friendly. If not understand what all reasons are being given for your website not being friendly. See how best you can alter the situation so as to make your website mobile friendly. Make your website mobile friendly at the earliest. This is the best way to tackle the situation and maintain or jump a few notches up the page ranks!

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Google’s mobile friendly update is an indirect thrust for designing responsive websites. So jump into the band wagon and enjoy the ride!

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Google’s Mobile Friendly Update: Are You Affected Yet?
Article Name
Google’s Mobile Friendly Update: Are You Affected Yet?
Google Mobile Friendly Update will affect search results in all languages globally, but only for mobile rankings, Is my Site Mobile Friendly? Test Here

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