RSI Queuing System Installed at Al Ain Men’s College

The HCT Al Ain Men’s College is a well reputed educational institution whose precincts serve as the portals of education to many scholars across the UAE, and the world. As a part of the HCT or the Higher Colleges of Technology which is a community of scholars and teachers across 17 campuses from around UAE, Al Ain Men’s College is a part of a large network. The needs for a queue management system had been growing. Al Ain Men’s College contracted RSI Concepts to deploy RSI Queuing System to cater to their various necessities.

RSI Queuing System Installed at Al Ain Men College

RSI Concept and the RSI Queuing System are well known and are in demand all through the Emirates of UAE specially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. RSI Queue Management Systems come with kiosks machines, queuing systems, and easy to use user interface which also offer multi lingual support.

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To design the queue management system for Al Ain Men’s College, the project team of RSI Concepts worked in close proximity with the team from Al Ain Men’s College. After discussions and deliberations to understand and freeze upon the requirements of the college, RSI Concepts developed and delivered a queue management system for Al Ain Men’s College.

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This Queuing System has been optimally built on powerful technology tools to enhance the efficiency of Al Ain Men’s College. Furthermore, this queue management system is very easy to use and swiftly navigable. As a consequence, the RSI Queuing System has seamlessly got integrated with Al Ain Men’s College’s existing infrastructure.

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After installing the RSI Queue Management System for Al Ain Men’s College, Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager at RSI Concepts said, “Al Ain Men’s College is an educational institution of immense reputation. By developing and implementing a queue management system for Al Ain Men’s College, RSI Concepts has benefitted highly. This also throws light on our technical competence in designing queuing system to suit different businesses and varied verticals. The knowledge we gained will also serve us in very good stead for the future.”

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The RSI queuing system is facilitating better servicing and queue management at Al Ain Men’s College.

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RSI Queuing System Installed at Al Ain Men’s College
Article Name
RSI Queuing System Installed at Al Ain Men’s College
Al Ain Men’s College acquired a queuing system from RSI Concepts to increase their productivity.

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