Banque Misr Al Ain Branch Acquires RSI Queuing System

banque-misr-logoBanque Misr is a pioneering financial institution which was established in the year 1920. Banque Misr bank became the first ever bank to be completely owned by Egyptians.  They are almost a century old and have accrued immense trust from people. Banque Misr has a presence in a multitude of streams which includes spinning and weaving, insurance, transportation, aviation, and banking. Banque Misr has an equity holding in almost 172 different ventures which encompass the above mentioned streams and also cover areas such as agriculture, food, housing, and tourism.  Banque Misr is also an investment fund holder in Egypt and is recognized by the Government for its leadership role in banking and the investment sector.

Given the plethora of operations in which Banque Misr is involved in, the servicing of its clients is of significant importance for Banque Misr. For their Al Ain Branch, Banque Misr approached RSI Concepts to design a queue management system. RSI Queuing Systems are renowned globally for reducing waiting time and improving efficiency of services. When RSI Concepts was contacted by Banque Misr, a team from RSI Concepts began working with a team from Banque Misr to understand the requirements. This was to learn about what would be the features of the active queue management system and what all services it should be rendering.

One of the primary requirements of the RSI Queuing System was to enable a seamless and effective customer flow management. Intrinsically RSI QMS functions in an intelligent manner so as to enable minimal customer waiting time and maximise operator service time. This results in a multitude of benefits. The benefits of RSI’s Queue Management System include humongous savings in costs, time, infrastructure, and human resource. It automatically translates into a very high customer service levels which also reflects as customer satisfaction, which is paramount for a business’s growth.

For Banque Misr, the RSI Concepts team diligently jotted down all the factors which should be considered in order to build a very efficient queue management system which will ensure a horde of savings. Being a Bank with a very diverse range of activities, the brainstorming sessions between the technical team from RSI Concepts and Banque Misr were long, intensive, and educative. Once the requirements briefing was done, the team from RSI Concepts designed a state of the art queue management system which would ease the functioning at Banque Misr’s Al Ain branch and help them provide a very good customer service.

Mr. Shehzad Asgher, Project Manager RSI Concepts feels that, “This project is an important and exciting one for us. We have gained immense insights into the banking domain. We are eagerly awaiting the formal launch of the RSI queuing system into the prevalent framework.”

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