TASC Outsourcing Acquires RSI Queuing System – Queue Management Systems

TASC Outsourcing is an outsourcing firm licensed by the Federal Government of UAE to outsource professionals across the nation. Being a leading talent management firm, TASC Outsourcing has a large talent base of 3000 professionals belonging to more than 47 nations.  The talent pool of professionals employed with TASC can render services to more than 75 jobs across domains such as information technology, customer service, oil and gas, sales and marketing, administration and support, and retail. Outsourcing collaborates and partners with more than 200 companies in the UAE region.  TASC professionals help the clients with their daily operations and activities which include the likes of attendance, payroll, sales, MIS monitoring, etc.

Given the vagaries of tasks for which TASC Outsourcing furnishes assistance, the management felt an imminent need for a queue management system to increase the efficacy of client servicing and management. TASC Outsourcing approached RSI Concepts whose queue management systems have a very good reputation on enhancing client servicing. The RSI Concepts team discussed and deliberated with TASC Outsourcing to understand their queue management system requirements. Further to the discussion, a blue print of the queue management system was chalked and developed.

The RSI queuing system has interactive kiosks which make customer wait time more engaging. They also let a customer know about the waiting time needed, and enable the staff to quickly service customers. Furthermore the queue management systems developed by RSI Concepts are very customer friendly and easily integrated in the customer environ.  RSI queue management systems are customized and are built on cutting edge technology tools. The solid technology bases catapults client servicing and efficiency.

After installing the RSI queuing systems for TASC Outsourcing, Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager, RSI Concepts said, “TASC Outsourcing has a wide resource pool catering to a very diverse range of job necessities. Their queue management system requirements were staggering and had to consider the multitude of categories under which services are sought. This project gave us an insight into how we can create and develop queue management systems which function to optimize queues which come for various categories of services. By successfully incorporating this queue management system for TASC Outsourcing, we have gained immense confidence in our ability to build powerful queue management systems. The insight and learning from the project have added a repository of knowledge to our experience and provided a vital thrust to our expertise. Our team has emerged stronger: both technically and mentally as we have designed a complex yet user friendly queue management system.”

This RSI queuing system has been installed and is smoothly functioning in TASC Outsourcing. The queue management system has really enriched the quality of service being rendered by TASC Outsourcing. Easily understandable queue management systems which also translate to a very minimal waiting time have made the customers of TASC Outsourcing very happy. TASC Outsourcing now renders its superior services in a super fast manner, thereby boosting their reputation as a committed and able outsourcing firm in this region.

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