5 Key Points to Remember While Designing a Logo

Logo Designing is an important aspect of a web design and it is good to be abreast with logo designing trends. So if you are a designer of websites or if you are someone looking to get a logo designed for your organization, this post of ours will give you 5 key points to assist while you are going through the journey of designing a logo!

Learn about some important aspects to be considered while you design a logo

  1. K.I.S.S!

Before you start having visions of romance, K.I.S.S stands for Keep it simple, stupid! Remember that the idea behind a logo design is that it should be communicating and creating an image about the organization to the viewer. So the simpler is it, the better is it to convey! Convoluted and complex logos confuse and complicate the viewer’s mind and they are more likely to look away or forget! So just K.I.S.S!

  1. Define and Sketch Design

Define what you want to convey in the logo design. Make a gist of the quintessence of what the logo should stand for. Once this is definition is done, do preliminary sketches of all the ideas which you have. This is a very important thing to do as many a time when a designer keeps coming up with many designs for a logo, they tend to lose focus on what they had begun with and what is it that the logo should stand for. Hence make paper sketches or use simple tools like the illustrator and begin with around 25 basic sketched of your thoughts. These will automatically form the basis for your logo designing.

  1. Pay heed to size, colour, and typography

When you embark on logo designing, remember that the size of the logo, the colours used, and the typography play a very important role! Yes we are not kidding. The logo should neither be too small that it is not seen nor too large that it envelopes everything else. Balance is essential! Do not use too many colours and do not use colours which obstruct reading the logo text clearly. Your logo should look good on black and white, greyscale, and at least 2 other colour combinations. Keep this in mind while interplaying with colours! Typography is important as illegible or very curvy fonts are not easily decipherable on logos!

  1. Design to suit the company not to showcase your intricate knowledge!

Your design should showcase what the organization reflects. Treat is as an opportunity to marry your art to convey what a business stands for. Do not get involved in showing how much you know about logo designing! A logo is more about what an organization stands for and not about what the logo designer can do! This means you should keep special effects to a bare minimum!

  1. Design Different!

Try to be original and different in your designing! This will help your design stand miles apart and be recognized!

Keep these five handy tips in mind while you design a logo and reap the rewards!

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