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Bulletin Board - Lebanese Embassy Acquire RSI Queue Management System

Lebanese Embassy Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lebanese Embassy Abu Dhabi Acquire RSI Queue Management Systems

Lebanese embassy signs up with RSI Concepts to implement a high end customer flow management at all the locations across the country

RSI Concepts is acquired by Lebanese Embassy UAE to implement a high end customer flow management systems at all the locations across the country. 23% of the UAE population is non Emirati Arabs - of which a considerable amount of Lebanese are working in UAE.The Embassy was not happy with the way the operations were moving as it used to consume a lot of time to complete the transactions of the visitors and second and most importantly no track record formation was possible for the staff productivity. The embassy assessed the different products available in the region and signed up for RSI Queue Management for all their branches across the country due to its advanced integration and branch interconnectivity capabilities. “We are pleased to announce that we have successfully implemented RSI QMS at all the branches of the embassy across the seven emirates which can be managed and monitored from the head office based in Abu Dhabi. RSI QMS has also been integrated with the internal MIS system for pulling out the information of each visitor who visits the embassy for any kind of service. The visitor feeds in their passport number / national ID card number through the touch screen of the kiosk machine and RSI QMS identifies the visitor by pulling information from the MIS system”, says Shehzad Asghar Saddiq , the Product Manager for RSI Queuing System at RSI Concepts.