Effective Web Design for SEO

Popular websites employ a combination of excellent web design and proven SEO principles. In this context, the first page of your web design is very important – it will either attract your visitors or repel them. Having good design with poor content or excellent content with loud and unattractive aesthetics will only push away potential customers. Use the following guidelines to create a web design that is effective as well as search engine friendly.

How to add content to your web design?

Content is the key to SEO. It is the main reason why visitors look at your web design. Your content should be relevant to what the user is looking for – whether it is information, a product or service. Make sure you use the key words in the right context and avoid over using them just to make your web design seo friendly and searchable.

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Readable content

A loud and busy background with animation and other effects can distract the reader from the content. The colors used in your web design must be appealing to your users and not put them off. Using bright background colors or pale text colors reduces the visibility and readability of the text. Use the standard fonts, text size and color, format the line spacing and alignment to make your content look neater.

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Decorate your web design with images

Use images only if they are relevant to the content and don’t have too many of them. Too many graphics slow down the page download, which can be quite frustrating. Users who come to your site through search engines do not have the patience and find it annoying to wait long for your webpage to open.

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Avoid flash content

Your web design must be aimed at attracting users by having relevant content and information. If your content can do well without animation and flash images, avoid them because using flash increases the page download time, compelling the users to close your web page. Flash is also not very search engine friendly.

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Web Design and its Navigation

Navigation on your web design must be user-friendly, allowing users to find what they want without any confusion. Maintain design consistency on every page of your web design. This also makes it easy for people to follow the content without confusion.

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Have links that work

The links you place on your website must work because users do not like going to a page that reads “Error: page not found”. Search engine spiders go through a website’s links to see if the content can be indexed or not. So make sure all links on your website are functional.

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Domain Name and SEO

Selecting the right domain name can divert a lot of traffic to your site. Domain names reflecting the product or services offered can come up in search results when the terms (products or services) are searched for. This will attract prospective clients to the site. For example if you sell customized kennels or dog houses, using a domain name like “http://www.custom-kennels.com” or “http://www.custom-dog-houses.com” could drive traffic to your website. But it’s not practically possible for all businesses to change their domain names to suit the business.

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Whether you are creating your own web design or hiring professional web designers to do it, incorporate these basic tips and make your web design attractive, searchable and user-friendly.

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Effective Web Design for SEO - RSI Concepts
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Effective Web Design for SEO - RSI Concepts
Popular websites employ a combination of excellent web design and proven SEO principles.

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