How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform

You can spread your words to millions via social media platforms, here is how!

In today’s socially connected world, social media marketing have a significant role to play for any business or website. Social media platforms present one with the opportunity to connect with millions at one go. The best way to leverage social media platforms is to run campaigns to promote a product, create a brand, gather online visibility, or draw attention to a cause. Given the wide range of social media platforms available, which ones should you choose? Read on. Or let us take control of your social media marketing campaigns.

Spread Your Words to Millions via Social Media

Spread Your Words to Millions via Social Media Marketing

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Make your self clear of what you are willing to get from social media

Before you start your social media campaign, do some research, and define your goals. This is a crucial step which will help you in zeroing on your target audience and hence the choice of social media forums. Try to get as objective and detailed as possible. For example if you are looking to market a fashionable handbag which is a tad expensive, then obviously earning women who are fashion conscious are one segment of your target buyers. Your social media campaign can target this group.

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Define Your Goals for Social Media Campaigns

Try to get as Objective and Detailed as Possible for Your Social Media Campaigns

First of all identify your targeted audience

Once you have decided on your targeted audience, take a look at the pros and cons of the various social media platforms listed. Choose appropriately! We are listing just a few pros and cons so as to enable easy choosing for you.

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Facebook: It is the biggest social media platform and has a heterogeneous mix of people belonging to all age groups and interests across the entire world.

Pros: Ideal for local businesses. You can connect to a wide range of people and buyers.

Cons: Advertisements can prove to be costly. You need to post a lot of content every day.

Twitter: A platform for latest trends and news. People tweet regularly and about everything!

Pros: Even a very small or different business can access a large list of followers. Information is conveyed easily and succinctly.

Cons: If brevity (140 characters) is not your forte, this social media is not for you! Your tweets will disappear quickly as many people twitter regularly.

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LinkedIn: It is one of the world’s largest networks of professionals and is used for career growth.

Pros: Ideal for any businesses looking to hire specialized human resource or promote products relevant to a professional setting.

Cons: Your access to the younger consumer group will not be facilitated through Linkedin.

Google Plus: It is a popular social media platform and boasts of great engagement features like hangouts which enable interaction.

Pros: Ideal for any kind of business. You can connect to a wide range of people and also effectively engage with your audience.

Cons: Requires a lot of activity from your end. Not as much adoption as Facebook.

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Pinterest: This is a super swiftly growing platform whose user base is predominantly women. It is a photo sharing medium where users share images.

Pros: Ideal if your target segments are women (remember the handbags we mentioned?). The growth rate is exponential.

Cons: If your product or service does not have images or have low quality images, then it becomes difficult to leverage this platform.

Apart from these, three other increasingly popular social media are Quora: platform for voicing opinion, Slideshare: platform for sharing slides, and Foursquare: for getting location specific information.

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Your best bet would be to choose one for the detailed list we have given and using one of the other three. This combination will garner enough visibility for you. Choose the relevant social media platform and start canvassing!

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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform
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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform
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