Five Web Design Best Practices For 2015

Best Practices of Web Design which you can adopt in 2015

Web Designing is a constantly changing field and is getting to become more and more user-centric. Keeping abreast with the trends and adopting the best practices of web design aids in your web development as well as your online visibility. Our Web Design Dubai Team prepare this blog focused on throwing light upon five of the best practices to be adopted for this year, 2015.

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Go Responsive or Go Home

Responsive web designs have become the bedrock on which web designing has started getting created. Web Designs must be so created that they are rendered easily on any device a customer uses. If a website development does not adopt a responsive design, the designers might as well shut shop soon!

Responsive Web Design Tips to Keep up with the Current Trends

Responsive Web Design Best Practices to Keep Up With the Current Trends

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Single Page Site

Single Page sites, mostly with Vertical Scrolling or Parallax Scrolling have become the buzz words of web designing today. Websites have long eschewed the multi-page web design which required the user to open every page individually. The advantages which a Parallax scrolling provides are multifarious. Some of these are an enhanced visual appeal, engaging user experience, and an intrinsic interactive nature incorporated within the site.

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Vertical Scrolling or Parallax Scrolling

Single Page Sites – Vertical Scrolling or Parallax Scrolling

More Scrolls and Lesser Clicks

The advent of Parallax Scrolling and Parallax Designs have resulted in websites becoming more scrolls oriented and reducing the number of clicks required of a user to view the information. Navigation, therefore, has become easy. Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling are providing the users with a great user experience. Somehow the reduction in the number of clicks required has seemed to reduce a certain amount of tedium and given rise to better user friendly nature of a website.

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Horizontal Scrolling or Parallax Scrolling

Single Page Web Design with Horizontal Scrolling

Mobile Friendly Approach to Web Designing

Website design has got revolutionized with the emergence of smart phones. Web Development now keeps in mind that many viewers will not be viewing the website through desktops or laptops. Hence the focus has shifted to the mobile user. Web Designing has now begun adopting a mobile friendly approach where the first construct of the website is done for mobiles and smaller electronic devices.

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Elements are subsequently added to facilitate further enhancements to the first construct for viewing on bigger devices. Responsive Web Designs begin by starting at a mobile friendly level.

Mobile Friendly - Responsive Web Design

Smartphone Compatibility and Responsive Design

Flat Designs are the foundations on which a mobile friendly approach to web designing begins. Cards have also started being increasingly used as they can fit into any device of any size.

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Interactive User Interface and Web Apps

Interactive User Interfaces and intelligent web apps which help the user in a subtle manner are also key components of a great web design, and a fast catching trend. Incorporate quirky and cool widgets in your site and you will see the difference!

Interactive User Interface and Web Apps

Incorporate quirky and cool widgets in your site and you will see the difference!

Website Development and Web Design trends have changed. Adopt these five pointers and you will definitely be at the start of the bandwagon in 2015! Happy Designing!

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Five Web Design Best Practises For 2015
Article Name
Five Web Design Best Practises For 2015
Top Five Best Practices of Web Design which you can adopt in 2015 to have an edge for your business over your competitors.

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