Web Design Tips for Mobile eCommerce in 2015

Three Web Design Tips & Trends to Follow in 2015 for Mobile eCommerce or mCommerce

Mobile eCommerce also sometimes generalized as mCommerce or m-commerce is buying or selling, especially retail products, using your mobile device or any handheld device like laptops. mCommerce is the superset of Mobile eCommerce and encapsulates any commercial  transaction undertaken using mobile phones or other handheld devices. Not only in Dubai but all over the world the web design agencies are now focusing much on mobile users. RSI Concepts is a leading Web Design Dubai company providing complete mobile solutions.

Web Design of eCommerce Portals

Adopt these trends and you will certainly be a top garner!

The number of mobile users has now overtaken the number of desktop users. A conglomeration of mobile users, tablets users, and laptop users have become a force to reckon in the eCommerce industry and in 2015 will have a larger role to play. Therefore the imminent need for eCommerce websites is to focus on a web design which caters to a user who accesses from any of these devices. This blog of ours will give you three web design tips to create eCommerce websites which are any electronic device friendly or let’s just say device agnostic!

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eCommerce Web Design and the need for Responsiveness

Responsive will be the keyword for website development in 2015. It is pivotal for an eCommerce website to be responsive as your buyer may be viewing and planning to buy from any electronic device. It makes sense to ensure that your web design accommodates the need of all these users. Every element of your eCommerce Website, be it the menus, the product pages, the payment gateways, or the shopping cart, should be responsive and easily accessible across all devices.

Responsive Web Design Tips to Keep up with the Current Trends

Responsive Web Design Best Practices to Keep Up With the Current Trends

Flat Designs for Mobile Friendly eCommerce Website

Flat designs are here for the win! Have no doubts on that front. Your eCommerce website is better off adopting a flat design which is also responsive. Flat designs are very useful as they are created on the foundations of minimalism, which work like magic on smaller screens of smaller electronic devices. So pay attention during the web development stages of your website and incorporate a flat web design. The user experience is definitely richer on Flat UI web designs.

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Flat Web Design blend the user experience with the challenges of screen size and create an on-screen experience

Flat Web Designs are Concise and Exude an Aura of Simplicity

Adopt a Mobile Friendly Approach

Remember that going by the current trends, soon your biggest chunk of shoppers are going to be buying from hand-held electronic equipment. Makes sense to design a website which keeps them in the reckoning doesn’t it? At your web design stages, go for a mobile friendly approach. Essentially start constructing your eCommerce website for a mobile shopper. Design the elements like products pages and shopping cart in a user friendly manner for a mobile user. Your website will then automatically be user friendly for any user.

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Responsive Web Design for eCommerce Website

Mobile eCommerce or mCommerce is about to Change the Industry

The eCommerce industry is on the verge of a great shift. This shift will be bought in by the way people shop: through mobiles and other hand-held devices. Keeping their experience and requirements in mind is pertinent while designing and eCommerce website. Adopt these three tips, use them as best practises, and your eCommerce portal will make the most out of the mCommerce swing!

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Web Design Tips for Mobile eCommerce in 2015
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Web Design Tips for Mobile eCommerce in 2015
Understand the web design trends which will enter the mCommerce or Mobile eCommerce Industry in 2015.

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