Bootstrap for Responsive Web Design – Dubai and UAE Industry Trends

Web Design Dubai industry is evolving rapidly as the use of mobile devices to browse the internet in Dubai is excessively increasing!

Responsive Web Design Dubai has become a buzz word in the UAE industry. A web design needs a radical change in the current approach to make it a responsive one. How to come up with a responsive web design is a question every web designer is constantly endeavouring to answer. Industry trends are rapidly evolving in Dubai web design industry. In this blog, we try to elicit some ways and reasons on how bootstrap will assist in creating a responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design Tips to Keep up with the Current Trends

Responsive Web Design Best Practices to Keep Up With the Current Trends

Two key elements of a responsive web design which has by and large been a pain point for designers has been the need to use a lot of CSS coding and the increased testing time, where you test on any and every device possible. As most of the internet users in UAE are using mobile devices and a statistical report suggests that more than 70% of the internet surfers in Dubai are using mobile devices. So, the need to test the web design on each and every platform available in the market is exceedingly high. This is where bootstrap can ease the burden of a web designer.

Bootstrap is providing HTML5 and CSS3

Latest Bootsrap is based on HTML5 and CSS3

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Bootstrap is defines as a “sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.” It has been developed to ensure that it works supremely fine on all devices.

Why Use Bootstrap for a Responsive Web Design?

Twitter’s Bootstrap offers a horde of benefits when you are trying to create a responsive web design. The first one being the facet of global styles for the body which can be used to reset type and background, along with the facility of being able to link styles, the presence of two simple layouts and a grid system.

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Attractive Typography, Buttons, Tables and other Design Elements

Bootstrap also has a plethora of styles for typography, tables, forms, buttons and other common  HTML elements. Bootstrap has easy and simple styles for interface components such as navigation bar, alerts, and the like. A responsive web design pays a lot of attention to the menu and navigation elements. These easy to use facilities inherent in bootstrap make it a great asset when one has to create a responsive web design with user friendly navigation and it also helps designing responsive flat web design.

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Java Plug-Ins and other Accessories for Bootstrap

Furthermore, bootstrap has innumerable Java plug-ins for segments like modals and popovers. Bootstrap offer designers the facet of being supremely customizable and different. All the components of bootstrap are available for every designer to make use of, yet the aspect of personalization and creativity which can be incorporated in every design makes for a great responsive web design. Complete control over all the design elements empowers a designer to unleash their creativity, yet subtly assisting with the responsive nature of the design.

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Bootstrap Based Responsive Layouts

Bootstrap become very Handy while Designing Responsive Websites

Bootstrap has a fluid layout and flexibility, which gives website developers a lot of time to channelize towards the creation of a world class UI. Bootstrap works seamlessly with anything a designer may want. For example, centring of layouts for any device, hardware acceleration for hassle free page transitions, CSS3 effects and transitions, are all rendered by bootstrap and are essential for a responsive web design. This way a coder need not heavily code. Edge Inspect helps in testing on iOS and Android devices, shortening the testing cycle. Creating Retina Display compatible web designs is not a big deal with bootstrap.

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All the aspects of bootstrap are very easy to understand. In a nutshell, developers can use bootstrap with ease to create responsive web designs.

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Bootstrap for Responsive Web Design - Dubai and UAE Industry Trends
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Bootstrap for Responsive Web Design - Dubai and UAE Industry Trends
Bootstrap is considered to be the foundation of the responsive web designs in Dubai and UAE website development industry.

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