SEO Optimized Content for Your Users and Search Engines

Our New SEO Dubai Trends Series!

We are launching a new SEO Dubai series of blogs is on SEO trends in Dubai, which will be featured periodically along with our other blogs.  This blog is the first of the series and talks about how SEO will help you in optimizing your content to satisfy your users and garner more footfalls by featuring high on search engine queries. Here are some easy ways in which you can optimize your content. While this content is valid for all regions across the globe, if you are in the region around Dubai, this article will definitely be of immense help for you!

How to write SEO Friendly Content for your Website?

How to write SEO Friendly Content for your Website?

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Tip 1: Understand why people are searching for the particular content or information

You may be a business offering a service or a product. You may be a trader. It does not matter what business vertical you are in. The foremost step is to understand why people are searching for the particular information. Is it to compare prices? Is it to evaluate different companies? Understanding this is the first step towards using SEO to gain more online traction.

Why People Search Online?

People search online for every thing

Tip 2: Study user patterns

If possible, study the user patterns of your website. Get statistics which provide you insight on which page they linger the most. Also see other statistics of similar sites and see how different their approach is. Analyse any data you can lay your hands up on. This will pave the way for you to come with the best search engine optimization strategy possible.

Tip 3: Analyse keywords

Now this is an essential step towards SEO and search marketing. There are enough reliable and free online tools available to find out the keywords which are most searched for. Online tools will also help you find the websites which rank high for these keywords. It makes sense to choose the keywords with care. If larger websites constantly feature at the top of a particularly often searched keyword, better to avoid it.

Why First Page is important for Search Engine Optimization Success

People don’t go to the second page of search

Tip 4: Create content which a user seeks for

Now it makes terrific prudence to create content which satiates what the user is seeking. Your previous research will throw light on it. Use these insights to write content which connects and adds value to a user. They should feel compelled and eager to get back for more! Use your keywords and tailor your content around them. This is a very organic way of doing search engine optimization instead of later inserting keywords, which kind of spoils the feel of the article.

Tip 5: Optimize your landing page

Optimize your landing page to the best possible. Enrich it with good content and make it engaging for a user. The more engaging and intuitive your landing page is, the larger are the chances of conversion!

Use these tips to do SEO of your site and reap rich benefits and rewards! Leave your thoughts as comments!

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SEO Optimized Content for Your Users and Search Engines
You should always keep Search Engine Optimization in forefront while writing content for your website or blog. The SEO optimized content is a key to success for your online marketing.

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