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This is yet another blog of our SEO Dubai Trends series with a focus on UTM tags. What are UTM tags?  How to use them? What are the best ways to adopt them? What role do they play in search engine optimization? We answer all these questions in this blog of ours!

Introduction to UTM tags and their role in SEO

UTM tags or UTM parameters are teeny weeny bits of text which can be added to your URL. Now why should you add them? Good question! As a person involved in search engine marketing you will adopting many algorithms to drive traffic into your site through multiple channels. How can you measure the effect of any particular channel on the traffic to your site? The answer is by using UTM tags which can be added to the URL. These UTM tags are unique and one tag can be used to denote one particular channel through which people access your site due to your SEO and marketing efforts.

How to create UTM tags?

Creating UTM tags is simple and hassle free. Google’s free URL builder will create them for you in an almost effortless manner! You have to just place the URL of your campaign’s landing page under the option titled Website URL. Then you have to choose the source i.e. the channel through which you expect traffic to be coming (think Blogs, Twitter etc.).  Since you may have multiple tweets or blogs, the next step is to choose the medium i.e. to denote the ad or image or content which becomes the harbinger of traffic.  Finally for your internal tracking purposes you can choose a name for the tag. That’s it! Your UTM tag to help you track the source of traffic is ready!

The major facility of the UTM tag is the fact that you can pinpoint it to the actual source of traffic, be it an ad or an image or even a piece of content. Alternatively, every time you post on the web and social media, you can create UTM tags to help you measure the impact of your SEO.

UTM tags and SEO Best Practises

Now how can you successfully leverage UTM tags and enhance your search engine optimization?  We offer you some suggestion which can be adopted as best practises for SEO.

  • Use UTM tags to really measure how you have been marketing your web page and its contents. You can use these to also compare and contrast with the efficacy of your competitors.
  • You should diligently study reports thrown up by UTM tags to understand how your web page and content fare on social media. It will help you tweak your content and garner better footfalls.
  • You should also track and trace the efficacy of a particular content across different platforms and mediums.

Using the results generated through UTM tags, you can optimize your SEO and really showcase your website.

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