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Standard features of a CCTV Surveillance system

Features of CCTV Surveillance Systems

RSI Concepts CCTV Surveillance System consists of the following:

Box Cameras

  • Ideal for point specific surveillance
  • Provides visual deterrence
  • Available in Day/Night, Wide Angle and Outdoor-Indoor Options
  • Wall or Ceiling Mount
Box Camera

Dome Cameras

  • Powerful lens for long distance surveillance
  • Small size enables visual concealment
  • Adds to the office decor
  • Available in Day/Night, Wide Angle, Outdoor-Indoor, Pan-Tilt-Zoom etc.
Dome Camera

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

  • Available in 4-8-16 Channels
  • Set presets for individual cameras
  • Storage from 1TB to 8TB
  • Backup through USB Device or DVD-RW
  • Internet Access

The CCTV Surveillance System is very important for security of your valuable assets, domestic or business premises and your beloved ones. There are hundreds of Advantages of CCTV Surveillance System like you can continuously monitor your business premises and prevent misuse of resources or track lazy workers, you can secure your home or office, in case of theft or any incident you can easily extract the recordings from DVR (digital video recorder) and use it for investigations, etc.

RSI Concepts offes a veriety of CCTV Surveillance solutions, we also provide night vision and high resolution image capturing with latest high-tech digital video recorders DVR. We also provide solution for mobile CCTV security surveillance systems. We provide a complete range of network accessible DVRs with high-tech IP Cameras. You can opt for our standard (basic) packages, or you can ask for a custom surveillance system. Just leave a call back request or contact us at +971 (0)6 545 8992.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)