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How We Work? - Web Design

Web Design and Development methodology at RSI Concepts Web Design Dubai service is a highly evolved discipline. The project management and delivery process has been improved and standardized over time to best augment the nature of a Website Development project. Project management experts at RSI Concepts understand that the success of a Website Development project of a company depends on various parameters that can be effectively controlled by astute project management. While the basic aspects of different Website Development projects are similar, every project is unique in itself from others as it involves different business dynamics, customer expectations, budget allocation, time allowance, expected usage patterns and knowledge levels of end users.

Website Development Proposal and Sign-Off

The RFQ provides our company information about the project that our project management team uses to create the Website Development project proposal. The proposal document includes requirements the project development and delivery schedule, scope and functionalities taken into consideration, communication plan with the client, resource allocation details and estimations regards time and costs. The Website Development project sign-off occurs on the approval of the offer document by the customer.

Analysis and Project Design

Project Management for a Website Development project starts with the deeper analysis of the project requirements and resource allocation with our web design and development sections. Project teams are formed involving web graphic artists, HTML developers and web programmers. A micro level development plan is laid out which includes individual level task allocation and milestone planning.

Screen Design and Approval

Website Development projects need constant feedback and review from the customer from early on in the project at regular intervals. Keeping this in mind, project management and Website Development teams at our company create screen designs/ HTML copies of the web site application for the clients for approval. These files do not have a database or back-end code attached but gives the customer an exact working demo of how the application will run. This is a very important first step in Website Development project. This first deliverable (output) is given to the customer very early in the project so that he can 'see' how his web site application is going to be developed. Any inconsistencies with the customer expectations can be sorted out in this stage itself and save enormous amounts of time and budget overruns in case of misunderstood requirements of the Website Development project of the client company. The project proceeds once the customer has approved the web pages.

Database Design and Website Development

Following client's approval of the HTML copy of the web site application, the Website Development team at RSI Concepts does the database design and writes the code for the application. Highly skilled programmers with superior expertise in their respective technologies develop the web site application based on the development plan. Project management and development at RSI Concepts is a very quality conscious discipline. Logs are maintained by each member of the team to enable project performance tracking. Proper adherence to quality standards while writing code and excellent resource allocation makes project management at RSI Concepts a highly successful practice.


Post Website Development stage the web application is then tested exhaustively before it is handed out to the customer. Web application testing at RSI Concepts takes place at multiple levels. Project Management and Development in our company requires every developer to be responsible for a unit level testing of his developed part of the web project. This removes most of the inconsistencies or bugs during the development phase itself. After the Website Development stage is over, a separate team tests the web site application at individual module level as well as the system level. This adds comprehensiveness and objectivity to the testing process and ensures that the web applications are bug-free. The Website Development project is then handed over to the customer and is made live by deploying it over the destination web server.

Communication Practices

Project management and Website Development at RSI Concepts places paramount importance on the communication between our teams and the customer to ensure project success. Project communication with the customer forms cornerstone of RSI Concepts project management and development process. The project management team at RSI Concepts has laid down an effective customer communications plan that overrides all project communication with the customer. Project communication plan from RSI Concepts includes daily updates and online meetings once a week between project coordinators from either side to ensure that progress is as expected. Beyond the project communication plan, either party can request for an urgent meeting in times of urgency like requirement changes. Project management and development teams at RSI Concepts are accessible to customers at different times via multiple modes of communication viz email, chat and telephone meetings. We believe this is important as it makes things easier for us as we hope it does for our customers.

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