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BMW Dubai chooses RSI Queue management system to provide quick service to their customers at the new and enhanced service center

RSI Concepts has announced the signing of their Queue Management System for BMW - AGMC Dubai in their re-developed facility - covering a total area of 33,000 square meters which incorporates state-of-the-art sales and after-sales facilities, providing a 24 hours fast lane service and a dedicated workshop for BMW 7-Series, X5 and X6 vehicle customers along with a new car delivery area.

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Ajman Civil Defense orders RSI Concepts to automate the customer flow management process at their department

According to the huge responsibility loaded on the Ajman civil defense and the importance of the services Ajman civil defense offers to provide protection to the country and civilians from all jeopardy, the department was in search of a customer flow management system.

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RSI Concepts wins a global tender for implementing RSI QMS at Ministry of Higher Education - Abu Dhabi

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is a government ministry based in the Capital city of the country. The ministry is responsible for providing different kinds of services to the students varying from scholarships, attestations of degrees and others.

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Sharjah Labor Office Typing Center, turns out to be another milestone for RSI Concepts

As per the guidelines of the government Sharjah labor office has started opening typing centers which will govern under the ministry itself replacing private typing center. Sharjah Labor office typing center was the first step towards this development of moving towards government governed typing centers.

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Dr Oras Clinic facilitates their patients with better service through RSI QMS across all their clinic chain across the gulf and middles east

Dr Oras Clinic and medical center chain is owned and managed by Dr Oras Sharif who is one of the well known and most experienced Doctor in the field of medical in this part of the world.

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Lebanese embassy signs up with RSI Concepts to implement a high end customer flow management at all the locations across the country

23% of the UAE population is non Emirati Arabs - of which a considerable amount of Lebanese are working in UAE.The Embassy was not happy with the way the operations were moving as it used to consume a lot of time to complete the transactions of the visitors and second and most importantly no track record formation was possible for the staff productivity.

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Visa and Residence Department at Hamriyah Free Zone Authority deploys RSI QMS for serving over 5000 investors on daily basis

Visa and Residence department at the free zone is responsible for providing visa and other major services related to the employees to over 5000 investors based in the free zone. This department has a number of sub departments; each meant for providing separate kind of service to the investors such as employment visas, dependant visas, investor letters and more. Most of the service requests require visiting different counters in an order to get the transaction completed.

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Directorate of Town Planning and Survey Sharjah, the largest government department in Sharjah , replaces their 10 years old queuing system with highly sophisticated RSI QMS

The Directorate of Town Planning and Survey Sharjah was established as a government corporation under Law No. (2) for 1998 issued by Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi on June 3, 1998. The objectives and tasks of the directorate in general is preparing the comprehensive plan of the region and reviewing the plans of the cities, suburbs and districts in the Sharjah region.

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Lease and License Department at Hamriyah Free Zone Authority installs RSI QMS for providing enhanced business experience to their investors

The vision of Hamriyah Free zone is “To be the most cost effective, efficient and profitable free zone in the region with a commitment to excellence leading to the broad based and sustainable development of highly skilled human resources”. Keeping their vision as the baseline in their daily operations they aim at providing the best services to their investors at their ease and convenience.

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After Successful implementation at Ajman Civil Defense , Ministry of Interior chooses RSI QMS once again for implementation at RAK Civil Defense

To create an organized and efficient waiting area in their premises , RAK published a tender for the supply and installation of Queue Management System. The market being extremely competitive, it took over 2 months to gain confidence from RAK Civil Defense to handover the tender to RSI Concepts.

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RSI Concepts has been chosen to automate the internal processing of the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies (ITJS) and ensure that the entire organization can benefit from the latest technologies for speedy, secure and smooth processing

Institute of Training and Judicial Studies (ITJS), which is located in the city of Abu Dhabi, was founded on December 14th, 1992 by virtue of cabinet resolution no. (14) of 1992 concerning establishment of the institute.

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RSI Concepts is proud to have assisted HFZA in putting one of the most important building block which will help them to work in parallel to the vision and mission laid down by the top management

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority was established by an Emiri decree issued in November 12, 1995. It is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, which gives the free zone a unique geographic and time zone advantage backed by a secure and fully convertible currency and a multi-access to neighboring and global countries through land, sea and air

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