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Track employee benefits and appraisals with our RSI HR & Payroll management system.

RSI HR & Payroll Management System

RSI Concepts offers innovative products for every aspect of the business world. Business employing these solutions will benefit from unprecedented automation, save manpower and resources as well as improve core logistics and decision-making capabilities. Many HR accomplishments can be achieved more proficiently and with a lesser amount of paperwork if automated. When on-line data input is used, fewer forms must be stored, and less manual record keeping is necessary. Ample amount of the reengineering of HR activities has focused on identifying the flow of HR data and how the data can be retrieved more efficiently for authorized users. Workflow, computerization of some HR activities, and automation of HR record observance are key to improving HR operations by making workflow more effective.

RSI Payroll and HR Management System Features

  • Employee profiles & Dependent profiles
  • Employee Grouping / Department / Job codes / Cost centers
  • Diary features to remind on the renewal of Personnel Documents or other critical events
  • Capturing and storing of Employee photographs
  • Interoperability with Time &  Attendance
  • Control Devices (Optional)
  • User option to report To Screen, Printer, Text, files, Fax & Email
  • Generation of payroll Journals (for updating FA Account ledgers
  • Time Sheet Entry / Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time Sheet Check list & Batch posting
  • Overtime Processing / User configurable Overtime Rates for Normal, Rest Day and Holidays.
  • Payroll Processing Options for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly or for selected Groups
  • Special payroll processing (for festivals, Bonus, etc…)
  • Salary Advances and Loan processing
  • Customizable document formats (Pay slips, Vouchers)
  • Customizable report formats (Salary statements, Job Cost listing, etc.)
  • Annual Leave Scheduling & Employee Termination
  • Employee Bonus and Incentive processing
  • Employee document maintenance (Passport, permits, licenses, etc.)
  • Employee document expiry / date reminders
  • Dependents Information (Wife, Children, parents, housemaid, etc.)
  • Printing Registers and Listings
  • Salary Statements / Project Cost & Job Cost of Payroll related expenses
  • Above all is the highly efficient and simple to use user interface which is designed by RSI Web Design Dubai Section

Benefits of using HR System

HR System For Leaders

  • Absence costs and trends
  • Accurate HR information and reports
  • Reduced cost of HR delivery
  • Increased service level standards
  • Increased employee retention
  • Assists legislative compliance

HR System For Managers

  • Team and individual reporting
  • 24 / 7 access to people information
  • Leave approval process
  • Self-certified sickness approval workflow
  • Tracking of policies and procedures
  • Data Exports

HR System For Employees

  • Self-service access to personal details
  • Holiday request / approval workflow
  • Access to company policies and procedures
  • Read & Accept of key documents
  • Total Reward Statement
  • Employee contact directory
  • Team holiday calendar