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Use our Property Management System to manage all realty transactions from start to end

Property Management System

RSI PMS is a web based property management system which can be incorporated in the local network (intranet) of the organization or deployed on the internet. The web based technology is preferred to make the system usable within a day to any organization. This method also allows reports and information to be available across continents securely. The critical information of the business can be encrypted to protect it from unauthorized use. The security system allows roles and privileges to be assigned and monitored for each subsystem.

The access and privileges in the property management system itself are very extensive. The permissions are separate per module, form and even field. Apart from this, the system will log each transaction performed by any user and the logs will be available for the admin to monitor.

RSI Concepts developed RSI PMS, after some of our real estate customers could not find a solution that provided answers to all their requirements. Typically the solutions provided functionalities to only few of the functions and had to be integrated with other legacy systems. This turned out to be a problem rather than a solution and users had to turn back to using spreadsheets and other small systems for their day-to-day activities.

After a concentrated effort in research and teaming up with industry consultants we present a solution that has passed the microscopic test of business analysts in the real estate industry. RSI PMS promises to provide a complete and exhaustive list of modules that are very easy to operate and at the same time provide functionalities to overcome the management problems of different departments.

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