Methaq Insurance Acquires RSI Queuing Systems – QMS

Methaq Insurance Acquires RSI Queuing Systems

Methaq Takaful Insurance Company is a public shareholders company in UAE, and is a registered and licensed General Takaful company. With a capital base of 150,000,000 AED, the company’s core aim is to provide Individuals and Corporations with an entire gamut of insurance services and products which are compliant to the governing laws of Sharjah. The insurance products and services offered by Methaq Takaful Insurance Company are of very high quality, flexible, and integrated.

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In order to improve the efficiency of customer servicing, Methaq Takaful Insurance Company approached RSI Concepts, Dubai for custom made queue management system and solution. RSI Queuing Systems have become very popular in increasing the client servicing in a very affordable manner. RSI Concepts worked in close tandem with Methaq Takaful Insurance Company to customize and develop a cutting edge queue management system for Methaq Takaful Insurance Company.

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RSI queuing systems are a package consisting of kiosk machines, queue management systems, and customer friendly queue manager user interface. Navigation is easy and customer wait time is minimal. After understanding the diverse queue management system requirements of Methaq Takaful Insurance Company, an RSI Queue Management System was built on robust state of the art technology platforms. Furthermore, the kiosk systems were designed to be intuitive and interactive. This customized queue management system was effortlessly integrated with the existing set-up of Methaq Takaful Insurance Company and the staffs were trained to operate the RSI Queue Management System.

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Now a fully functional and operational Queue Management System is incorporated in Methaq Takaful Insurance Company insurance to aid in better customer delivery. The RSI Queuing System saves a lot of customer time. The very sleek and good quality customer display makes the usage very customer friendly. The staff also need not worry or brood over a fidgety customer waiting for their turn. The intuitive kiosks engage the customers while they wait for the turn and also provide adequate information for them to provide them with a sufficient heads up on the impending waiting time.

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After installing the RSI queuing systemDirectorate of HR – The Government of Sharjah Installs an RSI Queuing Systems for Methaq Takaful Insurance Company, Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager at RSI Concepts said,

“Methaq Takaful Insurance Company is an insurance company with a lot of eminence and prominence. Their queue management service requirements were challenging. This project gave us with the leeway to experiment on the financial vertical with specificity pertaining to the insurance sector. Successfully designing and incorporating the queue management system for Methaq Takaful Insurance Company has helped the RSI Concepts team reaffirm the faith in our technical acumen. We are now extremely sure that we have the bandwidth and resource intelligence to create and deploy a world class queue management system for any vertical. By working closely with the team from the Methaq Takaful Insurance Company, we have acquired enough domain capabilities in the insurance sector which will serve as a knowledge base for our future projects.”

Methaq Takaful Insurance Company now has a trailblazing queue management system in place. This queue management system has already optimized their customer service time, enhanced productivity, and enriched their reputation as a committed industry player.

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Methaq Insurance Acquires RSI Queuing Systems - QMS
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Methaq Insurance Acquires RSI Queuing Systems - QMS
Methaq Takaful Insurance Company acquired RSI Queuing Systems. RSI Queue Management Systems are most used and highly trusted QMS systems in the UAE region, especially in Dubai.

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