ADNOC Installs RSI Queuing System for Al Ruwais Hospital

ADNOC Installs RSI Queuing System for Al Ruwais Hospital


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is a premier group of companies with focus on the energy and petrochemical sectors. The group’s activities pivot around crude oil and natural gas and includes right from the stage of exploration to the point of manufacturing other petrochemicals. ADNOC’s Hospital Al Ruwais is a hospital promoted by the group to help promote healing and healthy living.

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Al Ruwais hospital is an acute care facility by ADNOC which provides both general and emergency medical services. Al Ruwais hospital has specialized expertise in cardiology, maternity, pediatrics, dentistry and ophthalmology. Ambulance and round the clock medical assistance are also provided by Al Ruwais hospital.

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Al Ruwais Hospital recently approached and deployed an RSI Queuing System to aid in its patient management and operation management requirements. RSI queue management systems are popular across Dubai and the other emirates of UAE as they optimize the service time of the client. Furthermore, these queue management systems are affordable and very user friendly, assisting in easy adoption.

ADNOC Al Ruwais Hospital

ADNOC Al Ruwais Hospital Acquires RSI Queuing System

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The team at RSI Concepts closely worked with the team at Al Ruwais hospital to evaluate the different scenarios and needs of the queue management system. The queue management system comprised of kiosk machines, interactive kiosks, and queuing systems, and was customized to meet the needs of Al Ruwais hospital. The RSI queuing system was successfully installed in Al Ruwais hospital and has been seamlessly integrated in their functioning.

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After installing the RSI queuing systems for Al Ruwais hospital, Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager at RSI Concepts said;

By installing RSI Queuing Systems for Al Ruwais hospital, we have gained precious experience in catering to the requirements of the medical community. We are confident of installing queue management systems for the medical industry and the diverse health community. This project has highlighted our technical expertise and domain agility in furnishing queue management systems for any vertical, and customizing it to suit the needs of the business.

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RSI queuing system has helped Al Ruwais hospital streamline their operations and optimize the waiting times of the queues. Additional the cutting edge technology used is in line with the state of the art infrastructure of Al Ruwais hospital and adds sheen to their functioning.

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ADNOC Installs RSI Queuing System for Al Ruwais Hospital
Article Name
ADNOC Installs RSI Queuing System for Al Ruwais Hospital
RSI Queuing System has been successfully deployed at ADNOC's Al Ruwais Hospital. Our Queue Management System help them dealing hundreds of customers daily.

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