Global Village Acquires Queuing System from RSI Concepts

Global Village Dubai LogoRSI Concepts has worked in tandem with Global Village Dubai to render a queue management system for Global Village in order to quicken the service provided and increase customer satisfaction.  RSI Queuing System is well known for being built on cutting edge technology and being customized to suit all the needs of any business. Global Village, being a melting pot of activities and tourist attractions, garners major footfalls and required a queue management system to increase their customer service time. The Queuing System for Global Village had to be constructed keeping in mind, the vagaries in the multiple services rendered by Global Village. Furthermore, the queue management system had to improve efficiency and generate a higher Return on Investment.

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RSI Concepts was assigned with the job of deploying a coherent and well ordered queue management system for Global Village Dubai. RSI Concepts has a diverse clientele for whom world-class queuing systems have been deployed. Lebanese Embassy at Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Aviation Services, BMW AGMC Dubai, and Dubai Aluminium are some of the clients who have customized queue management systems from RSI Concepts.

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The team at RSI Concepts worked in closed association with the team at Global Village to conscientiously chalk down the different kinds of services offered by Global Village to its clients. Furthermore, the expected profile of customers and their behaviour was also taken into cognisance. With these inputs and requirements in mind, RSI Concepts designed a queuing system for Global Village.

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The RSI Queuing System delivered and incorporated with the Global Village was tailor made systematically to fulfill the varied requirements of the multiple clientele of Global Village. This Queue Management System is very dynamic and has very strong technology foundations enabling very swift service. The functioning of the queue management system is seamless and it enables effortless queue management which translates into increased speed, efficiency, and return on investments. The RSI Queuing System ranks high on customer satisfaction.

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After the successful completion of this project, Mr. Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager at RSI Concepts said,

“Installing our RSI Queuing System for Global Village has been gratifying and satisfying in terms of highlighting technical strengths. It also reaffirms our faith that we can cater to the requirements to any and every business vertical.”

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Global Village now has an optimally regulated and systematic queue management system seamlessly integrated. This well organized queuing system, delivered by RSI Concepts, helps in increasing the productivity and smooth running of the operations of Global Village. Of course, this has also resulted in increased customer satisfaction and more footfalls!

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Global Village Acquires Queuing System from RSI Concepts
Article Name
Global Village Acquires Queuing System from RSI Concepts
Global Village has teamed up with RSI Concepts to get a Queuing System deployed to increase their efficiency.

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