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Are you a website designer on the verge of designing a website? Are you abreast with the latest web design trends? Are you in Dubai and embarking on web designing? Well this blog of ours has been written for you! Heard about typography? Yes? No? Okay, it does not matter what your answer is. By the end of this blog you will be better conversant with typography and its impact on your website’s UI!

Typography Is…

Typography is the art and science of arranging printed matter in a format which is readable. It is the way printed content and text appear on your screen.

Typography is Important Because..

Your web design is important if you plan to attract customers through your website. Typography is paramount for your web design to look attractive and captivating. The way content appears is instrumental in its readability and hence comprehension. As the saying goes, “Typography exists to honour content.”  Typography catapults readability, enhances usability, and promotes accessibility. These three are paramount for a web design’s utility! Need we say more?

Understanding the Typography Hierarchy

Now without a hierarchy in the appearance of texts, all the words on a website will look the same. That would render a web design useless. The intent of typography is to ensure that your content flows seamlessly along the lines of the web design, enriching the user experience instead of marring it. Typography Hierarchy has a major role to play in this.

There are three levels on Typography Hierarchy. The primary level, the secondary level, and the tertiary level. The first or the primary level comprises of the biggest fonts meant to draw attention. Headlines and decks which are basically the largest pieces of your web page are the primary level of the typography hierarchy. Subheads, captions, info-graphics, quotations, and other such elements constitute the secondary level of the typography hierarchy. They are smaller blocks of vital information which help a reader grasp what is being said. Smaller fonts and information make up the tertiary level of the typography hierarchy. They complete the picture for the user. However they are of a size which is much smaller than the other two levels.

These three levels of typography are important as they help create a web design which is extremely user friendly and enhance the reach of a web site.

Two Typography Tips

Typography can really make or break the UI and the UX. Here are some tips to be incorporated in your web design which will really take the UI to the next level.

  1. Use a typeface which is unaffected by scale. Remember multiple elements are involved in a web design and also websites are seen across multiple devices. So a typeface which does not lose its flavour to different sizes and weights is essential in order to have the same usability across mediums.
  2. Pay attention to the readability of letters and alphabets. A typeface which allows you to easily distinguish between alphabets will be better as the user will not get confused or read incorrectly.

Typography is the essence towards reaching out to a viewer’s soul and connects with them. Get it right and you are on your course to having a terrific web design!

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