How to Choose Your Domain Name

You may be a corporate, a small or medium business, or an entrepreneur on the verge of choosing and buying a domain name for your work, blog, or business. If you are anyone looking to choose a domain name for your organization, this blog post is designed to help you. This blog has been divided into segments so as to cover the general essentials of choosing a domain name, and also give some pointers depending on the kind of domain you are looking at. You can search for a domain name by using our Free Domain Name Look-up Service.

Key Essentials for Choosing Your Domain Name

Keep it simple

The simpler a domain name is, the easier it is to remember, recollect, and revisit. Do not have long or complicated words in your domain name. Also avoid using jargons, numbers, or hyphens in your domain name, as these become difficult to remember and type.

Key Essentials for Choosing Your Domain Name

Key Essentials for Choosing Your Domain Name

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Include keywords whenever possible

Before embarking on choosing a domain name, do some research and have a list of at least 5-6 keywords which appropriately define your business or blog. Try to tailor-make your domain name around these keywords. Do a domain name search with the keywords combination to understand the domain names which are free. This way, even if one particular domain name is already taken, you will have options to choose from others. By including the keywords in your domain name, you are increasing the probability of having a higher traffic to your website or blog.

Include keywords whenever possible

Include Keywords Whenever Possible

This game revolves around the name!

Try and find a unique name which is not confusing. Bang! The chances of your website or blog inviting more clicks are catapulted.

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Domain Name for Corporate Websites

If you are looking to register a domain name for a corporate website, do keep the following two tips also in mind.

Choose a suitable top level domain name (TLD)

What we mean by this is that you have to give due diligence before deciding on the ending i.e. .com or .org or .co or .countryname. This is so because if you are choosing anything which is not .com to be your primary domain name, it would make sense to also anyway buy the .com. Internet users are generally primed to key in .com and hence if you intend to spend money on increasing the traffic to your website, not owning .com will cause you to lose traffic!

Choose a suitable top level domain name (TLD)

Choose a Suitable Top Level Domain Name (TLD)

An opportunity to create a brand image

As a Corporate, brand creation would definitely be paramount for you. Brand creation begins with the domain name registered. Do not miss out on the chance of choosing a unique name to set yourself apart!

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Domain Name for Small or Medium Businesses

If you are a small business or medium business with your operations centered on a particular region then adding the locale flavor to your domain name is prudent. For example, or

Domain Name for Small or Medium Businesses

Domain Name for Small or Medium Businesses

Domain Name for Blogs

If you are a blogger, correlate your blog topic areas to the domain name in order to increase the traffic!

How to Chose Domain Name for Blogs

How to Chose Domain Name for Blogs

Use these pointers to successfully leverage your domain names to increase your global digital presence!

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