How to Use SVG in a Responsive Web Design

How to use the SVG Images in responsive web design to increase the performance quality and improved SEO

Scalar Vector Graphics image format or SVG image format as they are popularly known, have rapidly emerged as the sought after format. This blog of ours is focused on throwing light upon the SVG image format and also understand why it becomes compelling to use it in a responsive web design. Top web design companies in Dubai are using SVG to design the websites for their corporate and marketing clients.


SVG is an XML centric vector image format. It has been developed for graphics in two dimensions and it also renders support for interactivity and animation. SVG is an open standard and has been adopted since 1999. SVG has been developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. Since SVG image format is XML centric, they can work the way other files defined in XML files do.

This implies that one can search, script, index or compress them. They can also be worked upon using any text editor; however they are predominantly accessed and used through drawing software. As the marketing trends are evolving rapidly and the use of Retina Display is becoming a quality standard the Retina Display Compatible Web Designs are getting popular which can easily be achieved using SVG along with the power of CSS3 and HTML5. All major browsers facilitate a certain degree of SVG support.

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SVG-High Quality and hence scale without loss of clarity

SVG-High Quality and hence scale without loss of clarity

With the current trends showing that the way forward is a responsive web design, here are three reasons why you should use SVG images in your web design:

High Quality and hence scale without loss of clarity

SVG image format images are of very high quality. The quality and resolution is much higher than JPEGs and PNGs. This means that one can easily scale images without having to obsess over the loss of image clarity. This especially useful in a responsive web design, as the premise of a responsive design is the ability to scale as per need and to render websites on the device of access.

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Works in other language formats

SVG Images can be used in tandem with other languages like CSS or Adobe Illustrator or any other tool of preference. This gives the web designer immense scope and also the freedom to make the best of the advantages offered by two different languages. One can create an XML based SVG image, and tweak and fine tune it using Adobe Illustrator or CSS. Very useful to create world class and responsive web designing!

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Easy to Edit

Effortless editing is another big advantage offered by SVG images. Since it is vector based, in order to make an edit in the image, the designer has to merely change the coordinates or add a word. Lo behold, the entire image gets suitable altered!

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Apart from these three direct benefits which SVG images offer, being easily compressed, and also being visually friendly and SEO friendly are the other benefits offered by SVG images. These add flavour to a responsive web design. By using SVG images in your web design, you are staying 0ne step ahead of the crowd and thinking in the future! Go ahead and adopt!

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How to Use SVG in a Responsive Web Design
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