Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Acquires RSI Queuing System – Queue Management System

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce LogoRSI Concepts was commissioned by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce to create a queue management system to ease their needs. The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce had been established in 1970 with the purpose of promoting and preserving the business interests of the business community residing in Sharjah. It is known as one of the most open and far-thinking business chambers across the world.

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The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce is vested with the responsibility of encouraging and attracting commercial and sustainable development for the industrialists, manufacturers, and the trading community of Sharjah. The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce offers multiple value added services, and technology and trend related inputs to its members and act as a platform which promotes trade, growth, and opportunities for the members.

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Furthermore, the organization also functions as a collective voice of the Sharjah business community in ensuring that the business interests are not disregarded anywhere due to the trading laws and practices. Given this diverse sets of roles, functionalities, and responsibilities undertaken by The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce, the need for a robust Queuing System was imminent.

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Building

Front View of the Building of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce

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RSI Concepts, a well known IT solutions provider was vested with the task of deploying a Queuing System for Sharjah Chamber of Commerce. RSI Queuing System have been successfully integrated for many premier organizations spread across diverse sectors and verticals. BMW AGMC Dubai, Ministry of Higher Education- UAE, and  Sharjah Directorate of Town Planning and Survey are some of the organizations who have RSI Queuing System to assist in their operations.

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A Queue Management System is very essential to reduce the waiting time for a customer and in also facilitating quicker service. When an organization renders multiple services across a large segment of clients, RSI Queuing System will aid in optimizing the process. For an organization of The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce’s repute and size, the queue management system had to be both world-class as well as tailored exactly to serve all their purposes.

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After the successful installation of the RSI Queuing System, Mr.Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager at RSI Concepts said,

“Installing our RSI Queuing System for The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce served as a perfect setting to lay emphasis on the core technical strengths of RSI Concepts.”

To enable the same, the team from RSI Concepts worked very closely with The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce to meticulously understand how best a queuing management system can be customized to fulfill all their necessities. RSI Concepts leveraged all their domain expertise and created a cutting edge Queuing System for The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce which is robust and dynamic. This queue management system has aided The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce to optimize their functioning and saving on multiple resources! Check out our QMS Portfolio.

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Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Acquires RSI Queuing System – Queue Management System
Article Name
Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Acquires RSI Queuing System – Queue Management System
The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce has worked with RSI Concepts to design and deploy RSI Queuing System for their organization to help with their functioning.

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